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Sand in my coffee

 I’m sitting on Santa Monica Beach on my super cool camping chair and listening to the kids play in the waves. It’s almost 6pm so the wind has picked up and that means higher and rougher waves. They couldn’t be happier. And that means I’m pretty good as well, they’ve left me to my own devices, reading and reflecting.  I’ve been obsessed with the Twitterscape recently - because how else can you get up to the minute news? And with all that’s going on in September 2020, you need up to the minute news don’t you? And so I’ve been following one of the big California wildfires, aka Creekfire, which has caused the temporary closure of goddamn Yosemite National Park! For which I happen to have a reservation for starting September 30th. So I do the hashtagging thing at night when the littles have gone to sleep and I “inform” myself of what’s gone wrong in the world for the past 12 hours.  I do this, and I read also, or try to. I’m in the middle of 9 books. I could never read more than 1 book at