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Where to Poop in El Segundo, CA in the age of COVID

 “You can sleep right on the beach?!?” I practically screamed when I saw the line of RVs parked along the beaches. It was like the Universe plucked an image from my dreams put it right in front of my eyes. I mean, this city girl was in shock. Shock, disbelief, wonder, what have you. We drove from Seattle to LA. Well actually, we drove from Utah to LA. Because of the massive wildfires it seemed like hugging the west coast was the best route to take. Which is another story for another day. Now along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) which also turns into Hwy 1 depending if you’re going from south to north, or north to south. I think it was around Malibu where the smoke haze had lifted and I would see long stretches of RVs parked right on the water. As in an RV park. Not beach parking full of RVs.  We already had accommodations in Venice, a sweet and modern Airbnb right on the canals. But since we couldn't stop along the Pacific Northwest, we were 5 days early. So with fingers twitching

It’s safer outdoors

 Hear ye, hear ye!  I’ve concluded: It’s safer outdoors where there are no walls. Yes I’m referring to the goddamn coronavirus that causes Covid-19. I’m also referring to life with the kids. So this post will be a two-parter.  Now I know that all of today’s media is untruthful to a degree, hoping to manipulate our behaviors one way or another. But it seems like bars and house parties = rise in cases. Even the protests and packed beaches with thousands of people shoulder to shoulder didn’t seem to increase the local COVID cases significantly. And so, I have relaxed a lot in managing our daily lives. When we are indoors, we use hand sanitizer, we mask up, even if we go indoors even for a minute. When we are outdoors, we have interacted with other people and we maintain a good amount of distance where we needed shout but hopefully aren’t breathing in too much of each other’s spittle either. So that’s the first thing. It’s much safer outdoors if you want to keep doing things but not catch